It was THE really event of the end of the year 2019, a fan's two days organised by the European Gaming Organisation (through be.Brussels) in the King Baudouin Stadium and in collaboration with the French team Vitality.

    During the stay of Vitality in Belgium and the EGO Be. Brussels show, netgen was also present during this event.

    We were in charge of several events during these days :

    • Creation of the event itself in cooperation of EGO as well as the mockup 3D
    • Creation of the internet site in a really very short timing and that in several languages (always available here)
    • Announcement of the event with its assets on several social networks, this in collaboration with EGO and Vitality
    • Availability of two talents (caster) in order to assure the animation and livestream during the event
    • On a logistic point of view, netgen esport has been able to set up a web from the beginning to the end of the event on a high level of gamers and the network for the several video streams. The set up of all screens was also set up through ourselves.

    Example of 3D mockup :

    EGO Be Brussels esport show - spectator 3D Mockup

    Some assets on communication on the different social networks :

    Assets guest EGO esport show - ADZ - Vitality Assets guest EGO esport show - ShadooW - Standard de Liège

    Video trailer of the event announcement

    Herefater, you will find some examples of the livestream set up for the EGO BE.Brussels show